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How is your company impacting the planet?

Our Solutions

We are a global biotechnology company committed to changing the world by reusing organic waste, using biotechnology, one shell at a time.

Our Approach

Transform the Agro-Food industry and optimize the management of organic waste to improve the quality of life of consumers globally.

What are the Peel Credits?

Initiative that make visible companies that use technologies with an environmental impact based on the quantification and proof of how much CO2 they manage to mitigate annually through their consumption of Bio-Circular products from the platform.

These are the most representative companies that generate an environmental impact with us:

Premium Category (More than 200 tons of CO2 mitigated in one year)


These brands support us

These companies are a fundamental providing us with solid and valuable support.

Your collaboration will not go unnoticed

If you want more information about the initiative, ask here.